Cloud Services

Cloud computing is catching on fast, and is fast becoming a go-to solution for small businesses. Our cloud services allow organizations to minimize physical infrastructure like file and storage systems, servers or hardware/software. W-Vector cloud services often obviate the need for our clients to have an IT on the payroll.

Our cloud services provide the “anywhere, anytime” solutions that business need to keep operations fluid. Our cloud services provide worry free security and stability.

Our cloud services department offers:

Software-as-Service (SAS) solutions are great for small businesses. Our SAS solutions mitigate the need for our clients to have an IT on the payroll, and streamline operations.


Search Engine Optimization/Marketing & PPC Advertising

Upscale SEO is about more than just key words and search engine voodoo. More About Search Engine Optimization…

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing & PPC Advertising

Upscale SEO is about more than just key words and search engine voodoo. If you want to rank among the top competitors in your market or field, you need an SEO service that understands what your target audience is searching for and the terms they use to search for it. W Vector goes beyond Google and Bing, and we help our clients to coordinate syndicated content and strategic placements. With our SEO strategies, we show our clients how a small investment of time and consistent practice are certain to make sure your audience can always find you.

Search Engine Services

Optimization Strategy

Our SEO experts work with the latest technologies and techniques. We provide custom SEO strategies for each clients needs. Any site we service is optimized for both visitors and search engines. Our SEO strategies provide high relevance for the market, which results in high search rankings and high conversion rates.
Our suite of SEO services include:

  • Content and keyword determination
  • URL registration
  • Image coding and hyperlink generation
  • Rank evaluation
  • SEO- oriented website evaluation
  • SEO Performance Analysis

Our SEO experts are experienced with the most popular engines, including:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • ASK
  • And more!

Search Engine Marketing

Our custom SEM strategies are a great method to raise visibility for a broad array of organizations, campaigns and products. Keen market studies help us to identify the best SEM outlets to connect to an organization’s target audience. Our targeted SEM strategies insure that an organization gets the most out of its marketing budget. We can help organizations to create a brand new strategy, or upgrade their existing SEM plan.


Pay-Per-Click¬ (PPC) programs are a fantastic way to increase visibility on search engines and network sites. Our custom PPC strategies use a combination of paid placements, inclusions and contextual advertising to connect organizations with their target audience. Our PPC campaigns result in rapid ROI and business growth.



Today the key to electronic commerce is making it easy for customers to get what they came for – from first click to ship. Our e-commerce solutions have been helping our clients sell their wares for years with amazing results. No matter what you sell, we can put together a solution for you that not only helps to get products off the shelf, but that also helps you to track, ship, manage your inventory, and align sales activity with accounting processes.

Our experts know all the latest and most popular platforms from X-Cart to Magento. No matter what your business is, we can put together an E-commerce model that is perfect for you.

Our experts specialize in the latest platforms, including:

  • XCart
  • Magento
  • YahooShoppingCart
  • Presta
  • CSCart
  • 3DCart

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SERVICES|W-Vector is your one-stop-shop for:

Web Development and Design

Welcome to the lab! Our developers, designers, and graphic artists are always here 'cooking up' innovative online content for any kind of organization or product. For us, scripts and codes are like fascinating alchemy. Clients provide us their raw material and we create websites, social media pages and various digital content for their initiatives. We aim to create web content that is engaging and unique to our clients' identities.

Our web techs are world class experts and kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the field , including Wordpress, Joomla etc. We can also coordinate domain and web hosting! Read More...

Web Development Services

Web Design

Our designers have only one goal: developing websites that are original and unique just like the clients they represent.
Unique design is of the utmost importance in today's market place. Our engineers create websites framework and layouts that engage other businesses to follow, creating conversions and increasing revenues. Our web design strategies often make doing business easier and smoother, creating methods for operations to run faster

Web Makeover or Re-build

As technology progresses and trends change, it is only natural that our websites should need to evolve with time as well. If it is time for a re-vamp your current website, or maybe your current design is not serving your purpose anymore, let us "upgrade" you. When it comes to websites, timing is essential. No business can afford for their online image to be outshone by its competitors.

Our designers follow a trusted strategy that incorporates vision, expert engineering and keen understanding of a client's end goals. We develop websites that integrate a clients' purpose with their branding and priority messaging in the way that engages their followers. We do this by researching thoroughly and testing concepts throughout the design process to ensure that we produce websites that are primed for the clients purposes.

Web Analytics

Our professional analytics systems can provide any organizational tools for real time tracking of vital statistics for any kind of website. We track and report on unique visits volume, surfer behaviors, click-through trends, search engines, ecommerce activity and more.


We help businesses to open their online stores for the first time or upgrade their commerce websites to the latest technological standards. We create specialized ecommerce portals integrate efficient ecommerce standards with expert content management. We specialize in incremental integration of new systems.

Web Apps

We design custom web applications for just about any purpose or campaign. We can also make minor or major adjustments or upgrades to existing systems. Tell us what your business is, and our creative experts can even help you come up with an original app concept that your audience will love. We are staffed to spearhead every step of app development, from concept to design all the way through to launch. We also provide analytics and metrics so that you can measure the publics' response to your app's presence in the marketplace. Most contracts include back-end support to make adjustments and future updates later on in the process.

Email Marketing

High impact email campaigns are one of our specialties. Our customized email marketing strategies offer complete campaign management, from planning and implementation to reporting. Our blast email department utilizes all the most current technologies, and can allow our clients to send out up to 200,000 emails per day. Many of our custom email marketing strategies have helped to increase profits drastically for sales clients. Our email campaigns offer the highest levels of flexibility and access for our clients. Email marketing strategy has become one of the best tools to promote small business, that is why we specialize in custom email marketing strategies.

Our email marketing solutions provide:

  • Powerful server technology
  • Unlimited bulk sending and unmetered bandwidth
  • List building assistance
  • Custom message creation and easy file upload

Social Media Design

Our design experts custom social media strategies and brand pages for businesses. Our social media programs create quality sustainable connections to a business' target consumer groups Many of our custom social media marketing strategies have helped clients to increase profits drastically, for those sales clients.

Our custom social media plans feature the following key strategic elements:

  • Market Study and Feasibility/Entry Studies
  • 'Are You Ready For Social Media?' A Social Media Readiness Evaluation
  • Social Media Solutions menu
  • Social Media Branding Optimization (including re-positioning)

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Remodel. Renovate. Improve. Expand.
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Welcome to the ASAP Water Damage

Water Damage Repair and Restoration
ASAP water damage and Restoration Sewage Damage Clean-up.


Welcome to the TitanSolarCo.

High Quality Solar Panels at Affordable Prices
We are committed to ensuring that every solar-system installation


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Welcome to the Hawaii Shipping.

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What is Digital Marketing?

It’s marketing for the Digital Age. It’s understanding your business and your goals, then choosing online techniques to promote your business and those goals. These techniques could be anything from designing a beautiful website to running a pay-per-click campaign, or social media marketing strategy. The first step toward knowing what digital marketing strategies are right for you is understanding your brand and your market. After that you can leave the rest to us.

The elements of an effective online marketing plan can include:


  • Web Development and Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Authentic Engaging Content
  • E – Commerce Coordination
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Review Coordination

Do I Need Digital Marketing?

If you have products to sell or a message to promote, your brand can benefit from the right digital marketing strategies. Today’s Internet marketplace is huge. More and more people are shopping and searching for referrals online than ever before. If you are not using digital methods to promote your brand, you are missing out on a huge market share of business and sales leads.

How Do I Know What Services I Need?

Call today to schedule a free analysis. After we sit with you to look at your business and your goals, we can provide recommendations on the digital marketing products that may work best for you.

PS. No budget is too small, and it is never to soon to get onto a solid digital marketing program.

What Are Your Current Digital Marketing Tools?

Wondering if the digital world has left you behind? We can help. We offer free initial consultations for clients. We also offer standalone digital analysis, where we can tell you whether or not your existing strategies are working for you, and if not how to fix the problem.

Am I Ready For Online Marketing?

If you are ready to sell more, increase your audience or garner a larger support base for your latest initiative, then you would be remiss not to find digital marketing strategies to increase your reach and your appeal.

W-Vector is your one-stop-shop for:

Web Development and Design
Social Media Integration
Authentic Engaging Content
Online Review Coordination

If you’re not using these digital tools, your business isn’t accessible!


Content: Graphics and Copy

Graphics & Copywriting

Our content specialists create eye-pleasing graphics and professional copy for a wide range of projects from corporate branding and promotional advertising, to newsletters and email promotions. No matter what the project, we aim to create content that helps businesses to stand out in a crowd. Read More...

We create custom graphics and copy for:

  • Brochures and E-brochures
  • Newsletters and Email blasts
  • Corporate Presentations and Trade Show Visuals
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Websites
  • Digital reels
  • And much more…

Let’s talk about reading. People who are surfing the web, whether just browsing or shopping on line, have to read. Sometimes consumers want to read fast. So, looking at a website shouldn’t tire your eyes out. Our graphic artists and copywriters understand that the first rule of digital marketing is 'Don't Overwhelm The Audience.'

We understand that is important that clients or customers are able to quickly identify the information that is relevant to their needs. Whether they are visiting your website or recipients of your email blast, it should be easy for them to . We create content that uses images and words strategically to promote your message in a way that visitors can receive with ease.

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